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Expert insight on cost saving kitchen renovations

Keeping your home fresh and modern with a home renovation brings one question to mind. How can we accomplish a home project that fits with our families character while adding value to our home? From out experience a kitchen remodel is at the top of our list. However, we also know that renovating your kitchen can easily spiral out of your budget.

kitchen reno

As a professional home renovation company we offer our clients tips to keep costs in line and yet still get the kitchen of your dreams. Here are a few kitchen renovation tips:

Keep appliances where they are. Most of our clients invest in new cabinets however if you keep the appliances where they are you could save "hundreds" of dollars. Moving the appliances most likely involve electrical, plumbing, floor, and walls; even moving the appliances a few inches will cost just as much.

Consider different options for an island. Finding that unique piece of furniture perhaps an old table or a dresser makes for a great alternative, plus adding so much character to your kitchen. One thing to remember when looking for that piece is that the countertop height should be a height of 36 inches.

Use track lighting instead of recessed lighting. Everyone seems to be attracted to the recessed lighting and yes we would agree that it does look nice however if you are working on a budget then a great option would be track lighting. Track lighting is cost effective as there is no need for holes to be cut or electrical wiring to be added. Take a look around as there are so many unique styles and shapes to choose from.

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