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What's the hardest thing about a complete renovation vs remodel?

In the home renovation business clients are sometimes debating whether they should do a complete tear down or make some minor changes. Deciding will be dependent on the families need, design and of course budget. When you have an older home there may be many flaws and the cost to fix and remodel would cost more than doing a complete renovation, another scenario would be a newer home and to transform with a remodel might be the best plan. In deciphering the best option a home owner should keep in mind a few basic questions.


How much is your home worth and how much will the renovation increase your value of your home.


When doing a complete home renovation in an older home there may be hidden problems and the project may take longer than anticipated.

Family Needs

Perhaps when your purchased your home there was only the two of you however, now there has been an addition of two more. Does it make sense to do a basement renovation to add bedrooms and a bathroom.

The above are just a few items to think about. Deciding on the best solution takes some planning and maybe bring in a professional to provide a quote to know the financial aspect of your home project will help.

Home renovation planning in Ottawa Poloz Carpentry

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