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Kitchen Renovation with a Pot Filler

What is a pot filler and why do I need one? Ever wondered why you would put a faucet above your range or what they’re for? Well wonder no more, because we are about to give you the whole scoop on what they’re for, how to add one and how to know which one to buy

What is it?

Kitchen renovation ottawa contractor pot filler

A pot filler is a faucet that is placed either above the stove or on the counter directly beside it. Pot fillers are cold water only faucet placed above your range which means that those large stock pots fill a lot faster than using the kitchen faucet while leaving you free to do something else for your meal.

Why do I need one?

There are two main reasons to have a pot filler in your next kitchen, one being the convenience and the weight of a large pot filled with water. Installing a pot filler all you have to do is put your pot on the stove, move the pot filler and turn it on! You can go about finishing your prep for your stock or meal while the pot fills up.

The second reason to have a pot filler is to add a big punch of style to your kitchen renovation. Guests coming into your new space will love the pot filler and you can wow them with how convenient it is to have a cold water source exactly where you would need to have it!

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